Massage Treatments

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

The therapist uses a deeper pressure for this massage. Its application is known to release chronic and/or acute tension in the muscles. The ultimate aim of this treatment is to release toxins, aid muscle soreness, increase circulation, alleviate chronic pain and, ultimately, to increase flexibility.

Relaxing massage

This involves the application of a more gentle pressure to give a calm and soothing effect – perfect for relieving stress as it induces relaxation and enhances mental concentration. You will benefit physically, too, in the release of toxins; experience less muscle soreness and limitation of movement and, as your pain eases, your circulatory and immune systems will improve.

Prenatal massage

This massage is both nurturing and relaxing and is available to aid the reduction of musculoskeletal discomfort associated with the advancement of pregnancy. Great consideration is given to the safe positioning and comfort of the client at all trimesters, and after 22 weeks, only side lying, semi reclining and seated positions are used. Every consideration is given to the comfort and safe movement of the pregnant woman. A comprehensive and confidential pre massage consultation will be conducted to determine any contraindications or special care adaptations required.

Cost per session:

Whole body massage (1 – 1.5 hours) £40.00

Back massage (30 minutes) £20.00

Back and legs massage (1 hour) £30.00

Pregnancy massage £35.00

(Prices may be subject to change/increases)